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Feb 11, 2012

Early Valentine's Day Present

Cocinando Suave - Ray Barretto

This morning Pierre and I headed out to Le Marais for some breakfast grub and shop for our Valentine's Day present. We share a tradition that when it's time to give each other a gift, we find something we both can enjoy. So instead of gifting a unisex Jo Malone cologne, Herradura Reposado tequila or toys digital media gadgets like before, we decided to build an artwork collection for the apartment. We went to the gallery Art Generation to take a look and Pierre found a charming piece by the French artist Delphine Raynal aka Cacou. He said the girl reminds him of me when I blast my Salsa music and dance around trying to teach him a new move when we're slow cookin' or cleanin'. 
hmmmm...I can see that.
Today she dances on beat above our existing artwork; tables & crate collection, West African kora and bongos. Now all we're missing are some congas... Papi?. I can totally see Pierre finishing his painting(4th pic to the left)while I set them congas on FIYAH. Nothing like sharing time and space together while we each do what we love and then teach the other. 

Gotta go, I'm making homemade Maseca corn tortillas and sangrita, cooking Mexican tonight. Good thing we have the Herradura Reposado tequila for this special occasion. 


alpaca poncho: Peruvian 
wrap: vintage
faux leather pants: Top Shop
kicks: Isabel Marant