Bienvenue, I'm Guisselle a Parisienne vagabond with a well rooted Colombian & New York soul that loves the transcultural amalgam my parents nurtured my life with. I photography and this mashup is a life & style journal through my amateur pen and lens. Bisous!

Beware... on occasion I may drop a little riff-raff intellect but bounce right back to articulate & academic #urbanchic-A
Paz !


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Apr 7, 2014

Droppin' it low at 9 months pregnant

The South American Way

Sambando cuz Cinnabun is finally full term & ready at will.


Weight: Baby-7lbs(3.2kg), Cinnamama- pre-preg(112lbs,51kg) current(132lbs,60kg). 

Baby bump: 41",104cm. 
Cravings: Fromage blanc, reblochon cheese, ribs & citrus. 
Rings: on

Mar 25, 2014

Because I'm... yeah you know the rest!

Hehe, You know I had to go there.
Feeling great with more energy and appetite than before. Just uncomfortable when it comes to sleeping due to the belly but once I knock out, I'm out! So is Cinnabun, :)

OOTD - No maternity clothes yet
Isabel Marant Zephir leather pants, Pieric silk bomber, Yosemite Cardigan, Chuck Taylors.

8.5months preggers

Mar 21, 2014

Yup, still got it!

Colombian Salsa dancing to Cinnabun's  beat
Gonna have so much fun teaching Cinnabun to throw down and show everybody up, learn to play the bongos too while we're at it.
Joint: Bobby Matos- Tema de Alma Latina
36 Weeks
 - 9 Months

Mar 14, 2014

Spics In Paris.

You can get the girl outta the "barrio" but you can't get the "barrio" outta the girl. Bad mama jama to be w/an attitude. What!!

8 Months preggers 
32 Weeks

Joe Cuba's - Oye ese pito 

Mar 11, 2014

8.5 Month Pregnancy Glow.

Things are gettin' real now, just a month left to go. 
Head down position.
Baby bump: 38.5" (98 cm), size of a small pumpkin. 
Weight: pre-preg 112lbs (51Kg) current 132lbs (60Kg) 
Cravings: TO SLEEEP, get Cinnabun to stop kicking my ribs & BEEF !
Rings: On. 
Haven't spent a dime on maternity wear yet. Yeah! Just using the ole' elastic band around the buttonhole trick now. 
ootd - Isabel Marant Zephir leather pants & diy lurex tank. 
34 weeks

Feb 14, 2014

‪‎Parisienne Insouciance‬

Wash n' Go ‪‎bedhead‬ hair, groomed eyebrows & lip tint for‪ Valentines‬. Rather let the clothes speak for me.

Feb 3, 2014

Inner Bass Speaker Box

Parisienne momma to be
Month 7.5 / 29weeks 

Parisien dad to be 

   Big pimpin' with the Vodka Pomme crew.
 KEEP CALM, I ain't drinking.

Cinnabun's Bass Heartbeat Speaker . 
 1st in utero signs of rhythm.

Introspective. Say "No to turntable abuse!" As music catalysts we denounce "No cornball ish for Cinnabun. Baby's growin' up right thanks to our sick vinyl collection & plain common sense.

Jan 21, 2014

Doin' it in the park, doin' it in the dark

Oh Yeah!
Momma & Cinnabun jammin'. They say Classical music soothes & stimulates a growing fetus. Classical music? "NOT MY CINNABUN !!!". This one's rollin' out Chi Style Steppin', Oh Yeah!  
#GotRhythm #GotSoul #MommasWithFlava 
Rock Creek Park by The Black Byrds,7months

Jan 20, 2014

mon petit chou a la creme caramel

My feet haven't touched the ground in 7 months. 

Every night before bed daddy & cinnabun bond. 23weeks. 

Say It Loud. "I'm roun' & proud!"
Showin' off my baby bump tonight at the Paris Salsa X-mas Bash. 24weeks

Bad Mama Jama To Be! 
I've managed to save paper avoiding to buy maternity gear thanks to my love for oversized/tomboyish style. We'll see how far I can ride this out. 25weeks. Isabel Marant is my homegirl. Schott quilted biker

Month 7- No maternity gear yet!
I've had these for a couple of years now; my Mes Demoiselles Esther stretch leather leggings are perfect & comfy for my growing baby bump27weeks
Yosemite cardigan, Maeva shirt dress & taupe Dicker boots - Isabel Marant

Nov 28, 2013

Cinna-bun with French vanilla frosting

Hola familia, I have a pretty good reason why I've been absent for a minute. "See what had happened was...
Got a lil CinnaBun in the oven :)
That's right folks I am 19 weeks (5 months) pregger's and eating non stop. Just check my Instagram, it's bombarded with tasty, hot & sticky, melts in your mouth, forget about your momma's cookin', put my foot in it by yours truly, FOOOODDDPORN.