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Beware... on occasion I may drop a little riff-raff intellect but bounce right back to articulate & academic #urbanchic-A
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Jul 20, 2011

a troglodyte

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte

Wow, that is exactly what I'm metamorphosing into. I have been cooped up in this red light district apartment for a week now cuz' I'm still unable to walk, good thing the view is bitchin', ha!.
Anyways, to keep myself from completely transforming into a troglodyte I've been nourishing the mind, body and soul. Can I get an Amen for Google ebookstore? I can read my Latin American literature classics in Spanish online (local library doesn't carry them).Oh yeah, an Amen for my man's tables & crate collection too.
As I was saying... mind, body and soul....(you gotta have soul)
Here are some pics of what I've been doing these days.

mind: The Aleph and Other Stories, Jorge Luis Borges (a troglodyte is in one of his short stories)
body: glass of wine a day keeps the Dr. away (ay it's a French thang ok), and dreaming of the day I can wear my spiked chucks back to work.
soul: hittin' them bongos cuz' I'm getting rusty and diggin' in the crates cuz' there's no Ipad/pod in hell that can give you the sexy of a needle on a record.

0I_LVp on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

note: gotta send some amour to my people from Colombia.
Oye mi gente, feliz 20 de Julioooooo...
allá les caigo este diciembre pa' gozar del severo despeluque no joda!