Bienvenue, I'm Guisselle a Parisienne vagabond with a well rooted Colombian & New York soul that loves the transcultural amalgam my parents nurtured my life with. I photography and this mashup is a life & style journal through my amateur pen and lens. Bisous!

Beware... on occasion I may drop a little riff-raff intellect but bounce right back to articulate & academic #urbanchic-A
Paz !


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Mar 21, 2014

Yup, still got it!

Colombian Salsa dancing to Cinnabun's  beat
Gonna have so much fun teaching Cinnabun to throw down and show everybody up, learn to play the bongos too while we're at it.
Joint: Bobby Matos- Tema de Alma Latina
36 Weeks
 - 9 Months

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