Bienvenue, I'm Guisselle a Parisienne vagabond with a well rooted Colombian & New York soul that loves the transcultural amalgam my parents nurtured my life with. I photography and this mashup is a life & style journal through my amateur pen and lens. Bisous!

Beware... on occasion I may drop a little riff-raff intellect but bounce right back to articulate & academic #urbanchic-A
Paz !


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May 5, 2012


Say hello to my lil friend and if you're squeamish.... too late.
had a lil accident. 
a glass ball lampshade we had in our bedroom fell and shattered on my head and cut me all over my face, arms and legs. Went to the hospital and luckily I only needed stitches on my left leg. Oh well, caca happens. I just wish I would have had a more exciting story to share to my future grand kids. 
On the upside, like my girl MJB, I'm not gonna feel embarrassed about it. Flaws are what makes us beautiful, isn't that what we're told?   

       familia, feliz cinco de mayo!

Kid Frost - La Raza (1990)