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Jun 20, 2011

exchanging aphorisms

Tinariwen - cler achel

Footage from the Red Hot Chili Peppers recent trip to Hong Kong, Tokyo & Osaka feat. music by Tinariwen

Went rummaging thru my man's closet again.
The pictures really don't give justice to the cobalt indigo glow of these sarouel pants Pierre got from his last trip to Mauritania. I swear each time he talks about his travels thru mama Africa and the Sahara set me in a trance that takes me back to my personal voyage there.
Perhaps you've all read some of Paolo Coelho's novels, The Alchemist, Maktub, and The Zahir. For your summer read there is an author I'd like to share with you that also captures the true essence and absolute stillness of the Sahara. Theodore Monod's Méharées will undeniably teleport you into the most magnificent event horizon trekked by man, the desert.
His journal introduces you to the genuine kindness, strength and infinite wisdom of the Touareg people while braving the elements searching for the Fer de Dieu meteorite said to be lying in the desert of Mauritania

ps: Two years have transcended since I last caressed the sands of the Sahara.
Don't mind me, it's saudade I'm experiencing.
Also proud to have had my shesh autographed by the Touareg group Tinariwen whom I saw live in Paris last year.

bf's pants: traditional sarouel's bought in Mauritania
shoes: diy spiked converse (Gienchi inspired)
fox fur tail accordion bag: traditional Colombian carriel
tshirt & shesh: H&M  
leather zipper vest: vintage from bf's closet