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May 20, 2011

you can get the girl outta the amazon but...

you can't get the amazon outta the girl
lately I've been feelin' homesick.
it's time I get back to my Amazon motherland.
and I'm taking the French love(r) of my life with me.
that's right, don't need to ask him twice.
♫ the smell of her sweet plantains is drivin' him insane ♫.        
oye! tell my familia we won't be there till Noviembre Diciembre.
real talk though, to go to Colombia anytime is the best time but when Paris is pole cold and Cartagena is colombiafrica hott for me to trott... don't need to ask me twice, I'm gone! 

p.s. en route I just might visit my surrogate motherland, Neeew Yaaawk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of... .

porque Colombia es mucho mas que coca, marihuana y café! chocquibtown

leather motorcycle vest: bf's 
80's oversized jumpsuit: Kiliwatch
Gienchi inspired converse: diy (cone studs, pliers, a little arm muscle and patience)
bangles and leather bag: Hand crafted in Colombia
anklet and Tuareg talgelmust wrap(autographed by Tinariwen): from an African boutique in Paris
clubmaster shades: H&M


olga h said...

Looking gorgeous, as always! xo

Anaia said...

me encanta tu blog, yo tambien soy colombiana, de Bogota saludos