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Sep 29, 2011


1.the state or quality of being earlier in time, occurrence, etc.
2.the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.;precedence.
3.the right to take precedence in obtaining certain supplies,services, facilities, etc., especially during a shortage.
4.something given special attention.
5.highest or higher in importance, rank, privilege, etc.: a priority task.

Instead of staying in Paris for Fashion Week, Pierre and I have decided to go to Margaux and participate in a wine grape vendanges (harvest) this year because for this Colombian coffee picker that's an opportunity of a lifetime to handcut such infamous grapes and secondly... Paris Fashion Week is always around the corner and vendanges are once a year. As a wine lover, I feel honored to participate in the traditional way of harvesting the grapes, but! wine enthusiasts rest assured that I will not be pulling a Lucy Ricardo and stomp the grapes, that tradition is long gone.... ahhh maaaan.(photos soon)
Anyway, I leave you for the time being with these totally irrelevant images of the bathroom from our favorite questionable seedy bar in Bastille. 

note: from what I've been told there's lots of wine drinking every evening after harvesting, all in a day's work

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