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Apr 13, 2011

The Real OG's of Punk

my family's the shit! yeah I'm braggin', what?
NYC circa 1980's

"we were socialites from the underground scene" Giovanni F & gorgeous wife Sunha F
today they're still part of the ny scene. just click their names above to check their art.

(l-r) cous' Giovanni and his wife Sunha, cous' William(the wings Jeremy Scott got his inspiration from :p) and some chick.

               2nd pic, cous' William and cous' Alex telling you to fuck off

reminiscing on yesterday's NYC  
no cue ever, bypassed the velvet rope
rolled with Michael Alig, Warhol and such
save the robots -"outside you can see limousines with celebrities and rich people, the funny thing was that inside it was a mixture of rich kids, poor kids, strippers, celebrities all types in one place; melting pot".
danceteria(3rd floor)
milk bar
home address: Hotel 17 "We used to live at hotel 17, a lot of rock stars used to live or stay there. Used to make parties in the roof of the hotel".

"The 80's was the greatest time of my life from every perspective. We had the best music in the world from hip hop to punk to alternative, new wave etc... the best street fashion, we discovered thrift shops which now they call it vintage stores. Nobody used to shop at thrifts, however we loved them because they carried amazing vintage and antique furniture at affordable prices" Giovanni F.

I don't need to look further for inspiration than these trailblazers

hottest wedding picture ever! 

and their loooove child Andrea, "been there, done that" she says.