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Dec 14, 2010

They're Mine And You Can't Have Them

Café Tacvba - Las Flores

my weapons of mass seduction
my vintage floral dr martens ( vintage cuz' I've had these since yesteryears).
the perfect rugged slipper all dainty tomboy Cinderfuckinrellas need when it's time to check someone.


Global Fashionista said...

You have such a cool and fun style. I never know what to expect from you!! Cheers to my parisian fashionista! Are those floral doc martens??

I'm still the same girl, just wearing a different dress said...

Hi babe, they are. I say go for it, open your own shop. Especially since you're travelling exotic places around the world and meeting amazing individuals.

Anonymous said...

These are so hard to find. And they're worth over 300 quid.

Anonymous said...

I regret having giving mine away years ago :(