Bienvenue, I'm Guisselle a Parisienne vagabond with a well rooted Colombian & New York soul that loves the transcultural amalgam my parents nurtured my life with. I photography and this mashup is a life & style journal through my amateur pen and lens. Bisous!

Beware... on occasion I may drop a little riff-raff intellect but bounce right back to articulate & academic #urbanchic-A
Paz !


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Sep 24, 2010

nouvelle vague (take II)

Miles Davis - Cool Jazz


edgeindustrialphotography said...

great blog - love these black and white photos ... especially that first one - I love the angle ... the whole composition - well done

I'm still the same girl, just wearing a different dress said...

Thank you very much for your motivating words. Every opinion matters, it's just especially flattering when it's from a professional such as yourself.